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Resource of the Month: is one of the largest and most important genealogical collections available! Through our Library Edition of, you have access to records from around the world. Search for your family members in thousands of databases, and discover census information, church, court, immigration records and more! Start building your family tree today. Sign up for a time slot at the Research Computer on the 2nd floor of the Library.

What do I need to use
The Library Edition of is free for in-house use on our 2nd floor. Simply sign up for an hour time slot on the sheet next to the Research Computer. 

Can I save records I find?
Yes! offers a Send Home option which you can make use of when find something you want to save. Check out this video to see how to send Ancestry documents from the Library. 

Can I print what I find?
Yes. There is a black & white printer attached to the research computer. Printing costs 15 centers per page.

Does the library's subscription give me access to AncestryDNA?
No. AncestryDNA is a separate product you would have to purchase independently.  

What resources are available to me? has a robust learning center with tips to help you make the most out of your search. There are also free downloadable research forms and charts to keep you organized.