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Receive alerts about holds and renew your items from your cellphone!

What is Shoutbomb?
Shoutbomb is the new CLAMS text message alert serivce that gives you the power to manage your library account from your phone. When you register with Shoutbomb, you will be able to send a text message to the service to see which of your holds are available for pick up, renew overdue items, and check your fines. 

How do I sign up?
To subscribe to Shoutbomb text message alerts, text SIGNUP to 508-503-1253 and enter your 13-digit library card number when prompted. It may take up to an hour to receive this prompt after registering. You will receive several introductory messages after successfully enrolling. Remember to save the Shoutbomb number to your phone's address book for easy texting in the future!

What do I do if I don't receive a prompt when I register?
If you do not receive a response, please try to reregister for Shoutbomb. If you do not receive a reply within 4 hours, please send an email to 

How do I use Shoutbomb?
Here's a list of keywords that you can use to manage your account by texting them directly to Shoutbomb:
Keyword Description
HL Text HL to see a list of your items available for pickup.
OL Text OL to view a list of overdue items.
OA Text OA to renew all overdue items. (Some materials may not be renewable.)
RL Text RL to view a list of items due soon.
RA Text RA to renew all. (Some materials may not be renewable.) 
MYBOOKS View the items checked out and total fees/fines.
RESEND View messages from the last 3 days.
ADDCARD To receive text alerts for another card within your family, text ADDCARD+additionallibrarybarcode+PIN (Example: ADDCARD+21113001234567+4321)
DROPCARD To end text alerts for a specific library card, text DROPCARD+specificlibrarybarcode+PIN (Example: DROPCARD+21113001234567+4321)
MYCARDS View a list of your registered family cards.
IOWEU View the current total fee/fines for each of the registered family cards.
NEWPASS If you change the PIN number for a specific library account, text NEWPASS+yourlibrarybarcode+PIN to update your account with Shoutbomb.
SWITCHPHONE Switch to a different phone number
STOP Quit the text notification service

Is it free to sign up for Shoutbomb?
There is not charge from the library for this service. However, you may see a charge for incoming text messages at the standard rate applied by your cell phone carrier, depending on your plan or package.