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Resource of the Month: Hoopla

We are proud to introduce Hoopla digital to our library! With Hoopla, Brooks Free Library patrons will have immediate access to:
  • eBOOKS
ALL of this content will be available to our patrons in one all-inclusive mobile app or website. The platform is simple, intuitive and free to our patrons. BEST OF ALL? There is NO WAITING for titles, the collection contains half a million titles and is growing every day!!

Patrons can check out 5 items per month. Loan periods are listed below.
  • Audiobooks, eBooks, & Comics: 21 days
  • Movies & Television episodes: 3 days
  • Music: 7 days
To access Hoopla CLICK HERE

Help Desk Videos

Andriod App Walkthrough

iOS App Walkthrough

List of Supported Devices


What do I need to use Hoopla?

To use Hoopla through Brooks Free Library, you will need a library card from us. All Brooks CLAMS cards start with 1010900. If you see these numbers at the start of your library card number then you're good to go! When you sign up for Hoopla you will have to provide this number, and an active email address.

If you are worried that your device might be too old to run Hoopla, please see the List of Supported Devices link above. 

How can I tell how many checkouts I have left?
The red counter in the upper left hand corner of the website, or on the My Hoopla tab of the mobile app, will tell you how many checkouts you have available. You will see the counter go from five (5) to zero (0) during a given month as you borrow titles. This counter will reset to five (5) on the first of the next month.

How do I return a title?
The long and short of it is, you don't have to! Hoopla will automatically return your item at the end of its lending period. Items expire at the same time as when you checked it out. Here's an example: I check out The Martian at 3:00 p.m. on May 1st. It will be returned three days later at 3:00 p.m.

If you are accessing something from a mobile device/tablet, the material will be deleted from your device at the time of return.

So can I return something early? 
Yes, but this will not give you back one of your checkouts for the month.

If you still wish to return a title early, tap the "Return Now" link in the title view of a checked out item. This button can be found at the bottom of the title page on mobile, or mid-way down the page on the website.

What if I want more than 5 checkouts per month? 
At this time, Brooks Free Library is only offering five items per month through Hoopla. We will continuously monitor usage of this service going forward and make decisions accordingly. Your input is always valued. 

I need more help. Where can I find it? 
At the library! Our staff is always ready to help you with any problems or questions you might have. Just call or stop by the library during normal operating hours for assistance.

If you require assistance after library hours: 
(On Mobile App) Go to the My Hoopla tab and click on the "?" icon located in the upper left hand corner of the screen.You will be able to find general how-to guides, and a link for submitting feedback/problems directly to Hoopla. 
(On Desktop) You can browse Hoopla's help materials by clicking on "Help" located in small text at the bottom of each Hoopla page.