BFL Podcast: Know Your Town Series


As we head into “town meeting season” each year, the Voter Information Committee (VIC) works diligently to provide opportunities for community members to learn more about how town government works. Last year VIC partnered with the Brooks Free Library to introduce the “Know Your Town” series. Each department was invited to attend an in-person recorded event to answer a few general questions about their department. Unfortunately, much like the town meeting itself, the Know Your Town series was postponed due to the pandemic-related restrictions on in-person events. 

This year we are bringing the series back utilizing a new platform– The BFL Podcast!

The Brooks Free Library podcast offers the perfect opportunity for us to meet with representatives from each department by phone and record each a segment for the library podcast. These segments will be released as a series in March and April. 

The questions being asked of each department include:

  • What is your department’s mission and what challenges have you faced during the pandemic?
  • How does your department interact with other departments? How does your workflow impact other departments and who do you depend on for support, etc? 
  • What is your annual budget and what line items are included? 
  • Are there ways residents/voters can learn more about and/or participate with your department?

In addition to those questions we’d like to hear from you, our community members. What questions do you have for our various town department? You can use the Community Questions form to submit questions.

Keep an eye on our website, social media and newsletters for more information on this new podcast series! We will be posting updates as recording begins.

And if you want to go back and listen to past episodes of the podcast you can find those on the BFL Podcast page on our website.

Take care, friends!

Assistant Director Emily