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CLAMS announces Automatic Renewals!


On November 12th, CLAMS libraries will introduce Automatic Renewals.

Eligible (physical) items like books, CDs, DVDs, without holds for patrons will automatically renew up to three times. The new due date is calculated from the previous due date, not from the date of renewal.

Please note materials cannot be renewed if:

•Someone else has placed a hold on the item.

• The item has reached its renewal limit.

• Your account is blocked due to excessive fines or replacement fees.

Borrowers who have an email address will continue to receive a courtesy notice three days before the item due date. The notice will list items that have been automatically renewed and the new due date. The notice will alert the patron to items that are ineligible for renewal and the original due date.

Please note: this service does not apply to digital materials (i.e., Overdrive), only eligible physical materials. More information can be fund below in the Frequently Asked Questions section.

We hope you enjoy this new service from your local CLAMS Library!

Automatic Renewals: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is an automatic renewal (auto-renewal)?
Most items checked out from the Library will renew automatically on your account. Three days before items are due, our system will check your account for eligible items and renew them. The loan periods will extend from the original due dates.

Which items automatically renew?
Most physical items borrowed (Books, DVDs, Blu-Rays, Audiobooks, Music CDs) are eligible for up to 3 auto-renewals.

Which items do not automatically renew?

The following are examples of material not eligible for automatic renewal:

  • Items another patron has requested (items on hold)
  • Items that have reached their renewal limit (3)
  • Items borrowed from outside the CLAMS network of libraries (Comcat, Inter library loans)
  • Express and Rental items
  • Museum passes
  • Library of Things
  • Other “non-traditional” items
  • Digital material (ebooks, emagazines)

Are there other situations where an item will not auto renew?

• Your account is blocked due to billed items or fines of $25 or more
• Your account has expired

If an item did not auto-renew and I don’t return it on time, are there still fines?
Yes. Items are still subject to late fees/fines (and replacement costs). The patron is responsible for these charges.

Can I opt out of auto-renewal?
This is not currently possible. But patrons are always welcome to return items before the due date.

How am I notified when an item auto-renews?
If you have a current email address in your patron record, you will continue to receive a Courtesy notice 3 days before the item is due to be returned. The notice will list titles with an extended due date if your items were renewed. The new due date is calculated from the original (1st renewal) or previous due date, not from the date of renewal (unlike manual renewals that renew from the renewal date, not the original due date). The original due date will appear next to items that could not be renewed.

What if I don’t have an email address or have not provided it to the library?Eligible items will auto renew. Check your account online to view new due dates and items that could not be renewed.

What if I’m not receiving email notifications?
Be sure you’ve provided a valid email address. Please call or visit your local library to confirm the email address.

Do I have to manually renew items in my account?
No – it is not necessary now. Automatic Renewal does the work for you!

I use the Shoutbomb texting service. Will my text notice change?
Yes. Patrons will no longer get renew notices, however, you will get notices for items that are not eligible for renewal. Text MYBOOKS to the Shoutbomb number 508-543-1253 to see extended due dates on auto renewed items.