November Specials!


We have a couple of very exciting programs coming up this month that we wanted to let you know about. Get your planners out and read on for details about our Extreme Weather programming!

On November 14, Phil Burt will be coming to the library talk about everything and anything related to tornadoes. For those of you who don’t know Phil, he’s a local meteorologist who runs His talk will focus on the science behind tornadoes: why they happen, where they come from, etc. Then he’ll be opening up the floor to a Q&A session. There’s no registration required for this event. More details are available on our online calendar. You can get to there by clicking on the button below.

The follow-up program to Phil’s presentation is something new for us, and we’re hoping that you’ll give us a hand in turning it into a success. On November 21, we’re going to be hosting a Community Conversation about extreme weather.

So… what exactly does that mean?

Community Conversations are relatively new programs that are popping up in libraries, and we wanted to join in by hosting our first one. Simply put, we’re inviting you to come to the library to share your thoughts and insights surrounding a specific topic that’s important to the community. In this case, it’s weather events like the tornado.

Think of this program like going to a friend’s house and chatting over some coffee. There will be snacks, a chance to meet with other library users, and you get to draw on the table.  

To be clear, this is not a librarian-led discussion. Some of us will be there to help out, but ultimately the success of this program is up to you. 

Registration is required for the Community Conversation. You can sign by by going to the description on the Event Calendar, or by calling the Circulation desk at 508.430.7562 ext. 1.