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Our Library has Chromebooks!

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HomeworkCenterChromebookWhat is a Chromebook? 

A Chromebook is a light-weight, simple laptop. On a Chromebook, you can surf the web, check your emails, and go on social media the same way you do on a traditional laptop.

So what’s the difference then?

Chromebooks are much less expensive than a regular laptop. You store your files and photos in the cloud since there is little built-in space. Programs such as Microsoft Office cannot be loaded onto the Chromebook, but the account you use to set up your Chromebook comes with its own version of web-based word processing, spreadsheet, powerpoint, and more.

How does it work?

You need a google email account (gmail) to use a Chromebook. This does not mean that you need to use the gmail address that is created during set up. You will not be forced to change email providers. Chromebooks require you to sign up for/have a gmail account because all the things they use are made by Google and are tied together through that account. You may already be familiar with Google’s Chrome browser, or Google Drive, or Google Photos. Your Chromebook needs a WiFi connection to be 100% functional. Some features will still be available offline, but it’s best to use a Chromebook when you have a stable WiFi connection.

How do I check out a Chromebook at the library?

You can check out one of our Chromebooks for in-house use by coming to the Circulation desk. We will hold your drivers license in our office while you have the Chromebook with you. Feel free to set yourself up anywhere in the library! We have free WiFi in all parts of the building, as well as outside in our parking lot and along the front Main Street sidewalk.