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Fines & Bills

What is an overdue fee?
An overdue fine/late fee accumulates when an item is returned or renewed past its due date. These will remain on your account until they are paid. Brooks Free Library is no longer charging for overdue items, but other CLAMS items may still acrue a fine if items are returned at another library. More information here

Can I still check items out if I have fines?
If you have overdue fees under $25, you will be able to check out items at our library. However, your card will block you from further checkouts if you have a billed item, or fines totaling over $25.

I have a billed item, what can I do?
We are always happy to get items back! If you have the billed item in your possession you can return it to the library to have the bill removed and the fine reduced to the maximum late fee ($3 for adults, $1 for children). You can deposit your returns at the Circulation desk or in the book drop. If you would like to pay for a billed item, please speak with a librarian.

How do I pay a fine or bill? / Do you accept credit cards?
We can accept cash and checks at the Circulation Desk for fines and billed items. Please speak with a librarian before making out a check, as certain libraries require checks to be addressed in a specific manner.

I think I have lost an item, what should I do?
We are happy to renew a library item to give you time to look for it. If you are certain that you have lost a library item, please contact the Circulation Desk to discuss your options.

Do you have a fine forgiveness program?
Yes! Fine Amnesty occurs every year in March. For the entire month, we collect non-perishable healthy food items for the Family Pantry in exchange for waiving your late fees/overdue fines. Donations do not need to be can-for-dollar. Keep in mind, Fine Amnesty can only be applied to late fees/overdue fines and not to billed items.


Do you have WiFi?
Yes. Free WiFi is available throughout the building and parking lot. By using our WiFi, you are agreeing to comply with our Terms of Service and Internet Use Policy.

How do I connect to your WiFi? / Is there a password for WiFi?
You can connect to one of our six access points, Brooks East, Brooks Central, Brooks NF, Brooks NF2, Brooks Meeting Room, or Brooks West. No password is required.

Where can I use your WiFi?
Anywhere you feel comfortable. Seating is available throughout the library, Since many people with vision impairments use our Library, we ask that you not run power cords across aisles and walkways. Please be considerate of others and share access to the electrical outlets.

WiFi is also available outside the Library 24/7 along Main Street and in the parking lot. Try different areas to find the best signal, but please do not move our outdoor furniture.

I can’t get online, what should I do?
First, it may sound silly, but check to see if WiFi is enabled on your device. Your device’s user manual can help you troubleshoot most WiFi connectiviy issues. If you believe that there is a problem with one of our access points (ex: you see Brooks NF listed, but when you try to connect while within range it continuously fails) please alert a staff member. Please be aware the Library does not have a systems staff, nor are there librarians available during closed hours to assist with cpnnectivity problems. During peak periods of use, demand may be so high that our access points “fill up” and connectivity issues develop. Keep trying different networks until one works.

Printing & Fax

Do you have a printer?
Yes! For more information about public printing, see our Printing page.

Do you have a fax machine/ scanner?
Yes. Our fax and scanner are built into the public printer on the 2nd Floor in Reference. For more information about these services, please visit our Printing page.

Can I scan photos on your scanner?
If you would like to digitize your home photos, we have a special flatbed scanner located on the 1st Floor near the puzzles. Use of this sccanner is free of charge and first-come-first-serve. Please limit yourself to a half hour on this scanner so others have a chance to use it. In order to save your work you’ll need to bring a USB flashdrive with you, or purchase one from our Reference desk.

General Questions

Do you have a quiet study area/private study rooms?
We do not have small private study rooms available at this time. There is a designated quiet space marked by signs around the second floor non-fiction stacks (bookshelves).

Do you have a bulletin board?
We have a bulletin board for non-profit posters. Please bring all posters/flyers to the Circulation desk.

Do you have hotspots available?

Yes! Our hotspots are part of our Library of Things. See our Hotspots page for details.

What is the Library of Things?

The L.O.T. is our collection of “non-traditional library items” a.k.a. our collection of “stuff”. We have bakeware, craft kits, a GoPro– all things that you might not have lying around your house but that you’d like to try. You can find out more about the L.O.T. and see a list of what we have on the Library of Things page.

What’s a PIN?
Your PIN is a simple password you may have created when you first registered for your card. You can contact the Circulation desk to have your PIN reset, or reset your PIN yourself from the My Account sign in page on the catalog. Click on “Did you forget your PIN/Password?” to get started.

How do I renew something? / How many times can I renew something?
You can renew your materials by going online to clamsnet.org and signing in to My Account with your library card number and your PIN. Once you are logged in you can renew an item by checking the box in the “Renew” column and clicking on “Renew Marked” or “Renew All”. You can renew items through My Account up to 3 times, as long as no one has placed a hold on the item(s) you are trying to renew. You may also call the Circulation desk at 508.430.7562 ext. 1.

How do I put something on hold?
Holds can be placed through the catalog, or by contacting the library. For instructions on how to place a request, visit the CLAMS Catalog Help page. If you need further assistance, please visit the Circulation desk.

How many things can I check out?
You can check out 50 items (books, movies, music, etc.) per CLAMS card.

How do I apply for a job at the library?
There are no open employment positions at the library at this time. Current job openings in other town departments are listed on the Town of Harwich website along with the necessary applications and deadlines.

My library card has expired, what do I do?
Library cards expire every 3 years so we have a chance to review and update your account information with you. If your card has expired, please come to the Circulation desk.

I live off Cape, can I return one of your books to my local library?
It may come as a surprise, but not all libraries are connected. Brooks Free Library is part of the CLAMS network, which serves the Cape & Islands. Your local library, on the other hand, may or may not be part of its own network! Our library items can be returned to any CLAMS library. If, however, you are off Cape/out of state, the best thing you can do is contact us at 508.430.7562 ext.1. We will work with you to renew your materials or advise on how to send the item(s) back.

Is it possible to translate your website?
Yes! If you scroll down to the very bottom of the home page and click “Select Language”, you will be able to change the display language of brooksfreelibrary.org. Translation is provided through Google Translate.