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Thornton Meeting Room

The primary function of the Thornton Meeting Room is to provide space for Library sponsored programming and special events. However, when not in use for Libray programs, the room is available for public use on a first come first serve basis, as outlined in the Meeting Room Policy and Meeting Room Use and Parking Guidelines below.  Any group that would like to book the room must first read the policy and guidelines to ensure they meet the criteria for use before submitting the application below.  Applications must be submitted at least two weeks and no more than ninety days in advance and are subject to approval by the Library Director and/or Board of Trustees. Some restrictions on room use during the Library’s open hours are required due to limited parking.

Meeting Room Application for Use

The organization requests permission from the Brooks Free Library Board of Trustees to use the meeting room for the event listed below.  By submitting this request, the representative of the organization agrees on behalf of the organization that:   The organization understands and will observe all regulations of the Trustees regarding use of the room. In the event of any damage to property of the Town of Harwich, the representative signing below will be responsible for the cost of any repair or replacement.  The organization will not hold the Town of Harwich or the trustees and Staff of the Brooks Free Library responsible for any damage to or theft of any property displayed, used, or left on library property by the organization. Groups using the library shall designate a person to be responsible to the Brooks Free Library Board of Trustees.  The person signing for the group will be responsible for the group. Groups using the library shall not inhibit the normal operations of the library during scheduled hours.
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