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BFL Podcast

The BFL Podcast is our ever-evolving show hosted by Jamie and Emily. Join us for 15-30 minutes every 1st and 3rd Wednesday as we talk about anything and everything related to Brooks, books, and librarianship!

We are always open to hearing your suggestions, so if you can think of a topic or question you would like us to cover, send us a message on any of our social media profiles.

You can find us on Instagram at 739brooksfreelibrary, or Facebook at

Episodes are posted below, but you can also find us on your favorite podcast platform:

Episode 14: Confidential

Episode 13: Those take up a ton of time

Episode 12: The hustle is real

Episode 11: Oh I’ve seen that one

Episode 10: Welcome

Episode 9: Formative Books

Episode 8: You go too fast for me

Episode 7: One Book at a Time

Episode 6: YEET

Episode 5: It Sparks Joy

Episode 4: kaw-lih-flower

Episode 3: I Said That So Weird

Episode 2: Finding Joy in Livi-smit

Episode 1: Are We Recording?