BFL Podcast

The BFL Podcast is our ever-evolving radio show hosted by Jamie and Emily C. on seasons 1 and 2. Join us as we talk about anything and everything related to Brooks, books, and librarianship!

On Season 3, join Assistant Director Emily M on our Know Your Town Series. Each department was invited to join the podcast for an episode to answer a few questions about their department.

The questions being asked of each department include:

  • What is your department’s mission and what challenges have you faced during the pandemic?
  • How does your department interact with other departments? How does your workflow impact other departments and who do you depend on for support, etc? 
  • What is your annual budget and what line items are included? 
  • Are there ways residents/voters can learn more about and/or participate with your department?

We are always open to hearing your suggestions, so if you can think of a topic or question you would like us to cover, send us a message on any of our social media profiles.

You can find us on Instagram at 739brooksfreelibrary, or Facebook at

Episodes are posted below, but you can also find us on your favorite podcast platform:

Summer 2021 Bonus: Local Olympian Joan Rosazza

Season 3 Bonus: Know Your Town- Series wrap-up!

Season 3 Episode 15: Know Your Town- Community Center

Season 3 Episode 14: Know Your Town- Channel 18

Season 3 Episode 13: Know Your Town- Youth and Family Services

Season 3 Episode 12: Know Your Town- Conservation

Season 3 Episode 11: Know Your Town- Cemetery

Season 3 Episode 10: Know Your Town- Brooks Free Library

Season 3 Episode 9: Know Your Town- Council on Aging

Season 3 Episode 8: Know Your Town- Police

Season 3 Episode 7: Know Your Town- Natural Resources

Season 3 Episode 6: Know Your Town- Harbormaster

Season 3 Episode 5: Know Your Town- Water

Season 3 Episode 4: Know Your Town- Fire

Season 3 Episode 3: Know Your Town- Finance

Season 3 Episode 2: Know Your Town- Town Administration

Season 3 Trailer: Know Your Town Series

Season 2

Season 2 Episode 14: Back to School 2020

Season 2 Episode 13: Grab & Go, Holds, & You

Season 2 Episode 12: Hello It’s Me

Season 2 Episode 11: Knit Lit

Season 2 Episode 10: travel sized

Season 2 Episode 9: we forgot it again

Season 2 Episode 8: we forgot the intro

Season 2 Episode 7: the books fell in the sea

Season 2 Episode 6: the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree

Season 2 Episode 5: An update and some programs

Season 2 Episode 4: Librarian pets and working from home

Season 2 Episode 3: And that’s CRAAP

Season 2 Episode 2: Quick let’s record

Season 2 Episode 1: Happy 2020

Season 1 Episode 21-23

Episode 23: Bacon

Episode 22: We love ebooks (Part 2)

Episode 21: We love ebooks (Part 1)

Season 1 October Special

Episode 20: Smallpox on Cape Cod

Episode 19: Believe

Episode 18: It Came From the Stacks!

Episode 17: Who You Gonna Call

Episode 16: Our House in the Middle of the Street

Season 1 Episodes 1-15

Episode 15: there was a lot

Episode 14: Confidential

Episode 13: Those take up a ton of time

Episode 12: The hustle is real

Episode 11: Oh I’ve seen that one

Episode 10: Welcome

Episode 9: Formative Books

Episode 8: You go too fast for me

Episode 7: One Book at a Time

Episode 6: YEET

Episode 5: It Sparks Joy

Episode 4: kaw-lih-flower

Episode 3: I Said That So Weird

Episode 2: Finding Joy in Livi-smit

Episode 1: Are We Recording?