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BFL Podcast

The BFL Podcast is our ever-evolving show recorded once a month with hosts Senior Library Tech Jamie, and Staff Librarian Emily. We are so excited to share this project with you!

Join us for 15-20 minutes each episode as we talk about anything and everything related to Brooks, books, and librarianship. We are always open to hearing your suggestions, so if you can think of a topic or question you would like us to cover, send us a message on any of our social media profiles!

You can find us on Instagram at 739brooksfreelibrary, or Facebook at facebook.com/brooksfreelibrary.

Episodes will be posted below! Or you can listen in your favorite app:

Episode 11: Oh I’ve seen that one

Episode 10: Welcome

Episode 9: Formative Books

Episode 8: You go too fast for me

Episode 7: One Book at a Time

Episode 6: YEET

Episode 5: It Sparks Joy

Episode 4: kaw-lih-flower

Episode 3: I Said That So Weird

Episode 2: Finding Joy in Livi-smit

Episode 1: Are We Recording?