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Teen Programming!

Summer Programs

Middle School Food and Fun! (Entering grades 5 and above) Make a sweet treat and then play games and have fun while eating it! All of our ingredients can be swapped for something allergen friendly, if you have a food restriction let Ann know at acarpenter@clamsnet.org so we can be sure we have the substitutes available. The program starts on July 16th and runs every Tuesday at 2:30 through August 30th. It’s a free, drop-in program, so no registration is required. 

Visual Storytelling! Every Wednesday at 3:30, starting July 10th we’ll meet to share stories, write based on prompts or work on passion projects. All are welcome. The program runs until August 28.


Students in grades 5 and above will be welcome to volunteer at the library! Student volunteers usually work for about an hour to help the librarians put away books, fold flyers, or clean toys. Fill out our volunteer application form to let us know you’re interested!

Youth Services FAQ

If you have questions about library fines, how to get a card, and whether teens can be at the library unaccompanied (yes!), check out our Youth Services FAQ page.