Hours: Mon - Thurs 10 am - 7 pm, Fri & Sat 10 am - 4 pm


For assistance with locating materials, placing holds or overdue or lost materials, and information on library programs and services, please contact us by phone at 508.430.7562 ext. 1 or by email at brooksfreelibrary@clamsnet.org.
Name Email Phone ext. Title/Department
Ginny Hewitt vhewitt@clamsnet.org 8 Library Director
Emily Milan emilan@clamsnet.org 7 Assistant Director
Jennifer Pickett jpickett@clamsnet.org 3 Reference Librarian
Ann Carpenter acarpenter@clamsnet.org 2 Youth Services Librarian
Suzanne Martell smartell@clamsnet.org 4 Staff Librarian
Emily Carta ecarta@clamsnet.org 6114 Staff Librarian/Circulation Supervisor
Megan Green mgreen@clamsnet.org 6 Administrative Assistant
Carla Burke cburke@clamsnet.org 5 Assistive Technology (VITAL) Coordinator
Joanne Clingan jclingan@clamsnet.org 1 Senior Library Technician
Phillip Inman pinman@clamsnet.org 1 Shift Supervisor
Lee Kelley lkelley@clamsnet.org 1 Senior Library Technician
Pam Paine ppaine@clamsnet.org 1 Senior Library Technician
Jack Sheedy jsheedy@clamsnet.org 1 Senior Library Technician
Carey Sims csims@clamsnet.org 1 Senior Library Technician
Jamie Thornton jthornton@clamsnet.org 1 Senior Library Technician
Joy Buhler jbuhler@clamsnet.org 1 Substitute
Sue Henken shenken@clamsnet.org 1 Substitute
Cathy Howard choward@clamsnet.org 1 Substitute
Dorothy Hurford dhurford@clamsnet.org 1 Substitute
Chris Kaufmann ckaufmann@clamsnet.org 1 Substitute
Vincent Kraft vkraft@clamsnet.org 1 Substitute
Jackie Leach jleach@clamsnet.org 1 Substitute
Judy Nichols jnichols@clamsnet.org 1 Substitute
Pam North pnorth@clamsnet.org 1 Substitute
Sharon Shaw sshaw@clamsnet.org 1 Substitute
Melissa Stello mstello@clamsnet.org 1 Substitute