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Book Donations

Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and FridayTuesday and Saturday
1:00 PM – 3:00 PM10:30 AM – 12:30 PM
*Times subject to change

Book donations are selectively accepted during Book Sale Hours as listed above. By Friends Board Members outside of the Book Sale Room.

Due to the anticipated high volume of donations as well as space limitations, we have some restrictions:

20 items per person on a given day
New or very recent Fiction or Non-Fiction
Items must be in excellent condition – no mold, mildew, or other damage

Do not leave any book/dvd donations in the bookdrop or on the library’s steps. Items left as donations on days when donations are not accepted are being recycled/thrown away at this time. If you are looking for ways to give your book collection a new life, please consider recycling them at the local transfer station.

Books that are accepted are offered to the Friends for their bookstore. All proceeds from the sale of your donations support our Children’s programming.

Please do not put them in the book drop, leave them outside, or drop the books in the donation bin yourself. We ask this because our bookstore is small, and we need to go through your donations with you first before we can accept them.

Typically we can only accept donations of two small boxes or bags of items at one time. If you have more than that, you can call the Circulation Desk (508-430-7562 ext. 1) ahead of time to make donation arrangements.

What we can’t take:

We wish we could take every book that comes through our door, but sadly we just don’t have the space. Over time, we’ve also discovered that some books don’t sell well in our bookstore. Here are the guidelines for what we can’t take: 

  • Things over 5 years old (Yes, unfortunately, that includes cookbooks and classics).
  • Dictionaries, encyclopedias, out-of-date travel guides, textbooks, condensed books– anything that may have been updated since it was published.
  • Books with yellowing, dust, or spots on the sides of the pages. Even if the discoloring is only slight, books in these conditions just don’t move in our bookstore.
  • Partially used coloring books.
  • Books that have that musty garage or attic smell.

What we can take:

If your books match the following guidelines we would very happily take them off your hands! The general rule of thumb is “A current popular title in like-new condition”, but here are the key things we look for: 

  • Less than five years old.
  • In like-new or brand-new condition.
  • Paperbacks without excessive creasing.
  • Hardcovers with their paper jackets.
  • Gently used children’s books.

If you have any questions about donating materials to the library, please contact us at 508.430.7562 ext. 1 and speak with a librarian.

If you are a local author and would like to donate a copy of your work, take a look at our special Local Author Collection.

Financial Donations

Financial donations can be made either to the Friends of Brooks Free Library or to the Library directly through the Board of Trustees. For more information on financial donations please contact our Administrative Assistant Megan Green at 508-430-7562 ext. 6 or