Technology Help

In order to offer safe service, due to the ongoing pandemic, Book a Librarian and Job Application Assistance are currently unavailable

We have three tech help programs that are open to everyone who walks in the library: Device Advice, Book-a-Librarian, and Job Application Assistance. If you have any questions about which program is right for you, or about our services in general, please do not hesitate to contact us. If you are looking for ebook help, visit our Reference page.

You do not need to have a library card or be a Harwich resident to make use of our programs. As always, our tech help programs are free.

Device Advice

Device Advice is our quick tech help option at the library. This program is available every day at the Reference Desk. No registration is required, just walk in and spend 5-15 minutes with a librarian to ask your tech questions.

This program covers:

  • ebooks/eReaders
  • Basic computer navigation
  • Basic app use
  • Basic cellphone use
  • Basic tablet use
  • General internet instruction

Unfortunately, we cannot assist with:

  • Setting up a new device
  • Fixing/Restoring/Repairing a broken or infected device, app, or email account
  • Entering sensitive information for you (e.g. credit card information, social security number, online banking, etc.)
  • Keyboarding

All types of tech are welcome!


Book-a-Librarian is our 30-minute one-on-one help for anyone who has a more complicated question than we can cover at Device Advice. After you sign up for an appointment, we match you with a library staff member who has prior experience or knowledge of using the device you are bringing in.

To make the most of your 30 minutes, each appointment will cover one device and one question. You are welcome to schedule a follow-up appointment. Due to demand for this service, appointment priority is given to Harwich residents. You are limited to two bookings per device/issue. Please be aware that appointments are subject to librarian availability, so we cannot guarantee you will be working with the same librarian each time.

This program covers:

  • eBooks/eReaders
  • Basic device overview (how to text, how to take pictures, change settings, etc.)
  • Basic app/software overview
  • General internet/research instruction
  • Creating a new email account

Unfortunately, we cannot assist with:

  • Repairing broken, locked, or infected devices/apps
  • Repairing/Restoring email accounts or email managers
  • Keyboarding
  • Setting up brand new devices
  • Entering sensitive information for you (e.g. credit card information, social security number, online banking, etc.)

To sign up for an appointment, please fill out a Book-a-Librarian form as completely as possible. We will contact you within 1 – 5 business days to finalize your appointment.

Job Application Assistance

We have a dedicated Book-a-Librarian appointment block for anyone who would like some assistance filling out employment applications, such as for CVS, Stop & Shop, etc..

To sign up for one-on-one help, use the Book-a-Librarian form, and specify that you are looking for job application assistance in the “Why are you booking a librarian?” field. If possible, let us know if you’ll also need help setting up an email account in order to apply for prospective jobs.

Once you submit the BAL Form a librarian will be in touch with you to confirm your appointment. Appointments will last for 1 hour. We will try to help you complete as many applications as you would like within that time.