Confidential Corner

It's Confidential

We know that times are hard for a lot of folks right now and we wanted to let you know about a special collection at the Brooks Free Library that we call the Confidential Corner. This collection, located on our quiet Mezzanine, contains books on topics such as divorce, alcoholism, suicide, mental health issues, gender identity, and other sensitive topics. These items can be ‘borrowed’ anonymously without being checked out and can be kept for as long as they are needed. Titles include books for adults as well as for children and teens. Some examples- ‘Divorce bootcamp’, ‘Conquer Anxiety workbook for teens’, ‘The 30 day sobriety solution’, ‘When your adult child breaks your heart’, ‘Are you ok?’, ‘Why suicide’, and ‘Invisible string’.

Image of confidential corner, with books like 30 Day Sobriety Solution, Divorce, Gender Identity, and more.

These items are also available in our regular collection but we realize that not everyone uses our online catalog. It is part of our job as librarians to make every attempt to remove barriers that can sometimes make it hard for people to get the information they need. We also respect your privacy and we want you to know that any questions you ask at the Reference desk are always confidential.

Libraries are cornerstones of information but we also strive for privacy and confidentiality. The items you check out on your library card are confidential and library staff will not share that information with anyone except you, without a search warrant. We are here to help you find the resources you need without judgment. Every day we help people find assistance and information resources here at the library, and we often refer folks to other outside resources in the community, and it is all, as always, confidential.

The Items on the Confidential Corner are free to borrow for as long as you need them. No need to check them out. Return the book or DVD to the Confidential Corner or book-drop whenever you feel ready.

If you are looking for more information on some of the topics on this shelf you can search our online catalog or browse the shelves for more books you can check out under these call numbers:

Most of our books on these topics will be found on the top floor of the library in the ‘quiet’ room but there might be some newer items in the ‘New non-fiction’ area on the wall closest to the check-out desk on the first floor.

Use the self-check machines if you have your library card or let us look up your card number, it’s all confidential.

Anything we didn’t include that you want to see on the Confidential Corner? Any comments or suggestions are welcome. Please fill out the anonymous google form here