Loan Rules & Overdue Fees


Material Loan Periods Overdue Fees Maximum Fines
 Books 14 days 10 cents/day $3.00 adults / $1.00 childrens
 Videos/DVDs 7 days $1/day $3.00 adults and children’s
 Audio (casette, CD & play-away) 14 days 10 cents/day $3.00 adults / $1.00 children’s
 Magazines 14 days 10 cents/day $3.00 adults / $1.00 children’s
 Computer Games  14 days $1/day $3.00 adults and children’s
 Passes varies by pass $10


Teachers and parents of homeschoolers may get an institution card, also known as a “teacher’s card” in addition to their personal library card. This card is to be used for materials for classroom use. Items borrowed on an Institution Card have a 28 day loan period. Brooks Free Library materials borrowed on a Brooks Free Library institution card are exempt from fines. Some CLAMS member libraries charge fines on materials borrowed on an institution card. Please see the staff at the Circulation desk if you experience problems with charges on your institution card.

Replacement costs are charged and deposited into the general fund for lost materials.