Books on Wheels

The Friends of Brooks Free Library are pleased to support “The Books on Wheels Program” founded by Mickey Barnes. Mickey, along with the help of Claire Kinney, brought this program to the Brooks Free Library from the COA in Harwich in the early 2000’s, where the program was languishing with only 2 patrons. Mickey thought this was a perfect fit for both the Library and The Friends, and the program has grown and thrived ever since.

Following up on Mickey’s vision, the program is designed to provide free delivery of library materials to Harwich residents who are permanently or temporarily unable to visit the library due to illness, physical disability, lack of either transportation or a caregiver, or any other reason that makes it either difficult or impossible to get to the library.

To receive the “Books on Wheels” service, please contact the library at 508-430-7562 ext. 1. Once we have your information, we will pass it along to our BOW Coordinator, Barbara Obrig, who will contact you, explain the program, and get you set up for delivery, including making sure you have a current CLAMS Library Card. We will create a record of your preferences of both favored authors as well as types of materials – i.e. Large or Regular Print, periodicals, audiobooks, music, DVDs. We can also make available descriptive material for the visually impaired.

The BOW Program is provided by volunteers who give individual care and attention to each of our patrons in choosing and receiving the library materials that are requested. Our volunteers also deliver the selected material to our BOW patrons twice monthly– on the 2nd and 4th Thursdays of each month, and pick up all returns.

The Library is in business to provide all of our Harwich residents with reading material. And the Friends of Brooks Free Library is pleased to support this effort through our Books On Wheels Program.