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Online Sellers Support in the New Year


There is no doubt that eCommerce in general has increased in the last few years. There are countless different online platforms and apps that have sprung up for individuals to sell used items as well as ones that will even allow you to create your own virtual store. To participate in any of these activities, good clear images with lighting that shows the true color of the product helps to provide consumers with a better idea of what they are purchasing. 

In January,  we will be setting up a mini photo studio for individuals to schedule a time where they come into the library and use our equipment to photograph items to be sold on any online platform. We will have a 16” x 16” photoshoot light box, a tripod that has attachments for a digital camera as well as a smartphone, and a mannequin to be used for displaying clothing to be photographed. Users need to bring their own photo equipment whether it be a digital camera, an iPad or a smartphone. Once a time is scheduled by emailing smartell@, you will receive a brief training on using the equipment during the planned time and the photo shoot can begin.

For more information about these programs or to schedule a time to use the “photo studio”, contact Suzanne at 508-430-7562 ext. 4 or email at