Self-Care: the Mini-Series

When the going gets tough, the tough get a librarian. That’s the saying, isn’t it? And things are tough right now, with all the uncertainty and news going around. Sometimes it feels like the stress of all the things you have to do is piling up and there just aren’t enough hours in the day. Sound familiar?

That feeling is exactly why we’ve made the Self-Care Mini-Series. Stress is something that affects everyone, including librarians! We’re an eclectic bunch here at Brooks, with a variety of interests, and we love sharing tips and activities with each other on how we de-stress. So we thought– why not share them with you too? Maybe it would be fun. Maybe it would help someone out.

Enter the Self-Care Mini-Series.

Whether you find relief in music, or photography, or caring for your pets, there’s bound to be something in the mini-series for you. You can find links to videos here, as well as on our Facebook page. All of our videos will be hosted on our YouTube channel, so don’t forget to subscribe to us there.

Well, that’s it. Pick a link, sit back, and relax. Remember, it’s okay to take some time to care for yourself. Your local librarian said so. And we’ve got scholarly articles and scientific resources to back us up on this one.

Project Inspire – Photography by Carey S.

Carey S. from our Youth Services Department embarks on a project to take a photo a day during each day of our closure.

Find all her latest pictures on our Facebook Timeline, or in the Project Inspire album.

5-Minute Meditation by Joanne C.

Joanne C. guides you through a 5-minute mediation to recenter yourself and find some inner balance.

Watch the video on YouTube.

The Comfort Food Cookbook by Everyone, including you

There’s nothing like good food to bring people together. We may not be able to go over to each other’s houses for a snack and a chat but we can still swap recipes! This is a community cookbook of all the things you love to cook, bake, or drink. Submissions are always open! You can submit any type of recipe you want– be it a pie, a pear salad, or your Great Aunt Rosemary’s jello recipe with the floating sardines in it. You know the one. All recipe types are welcome, and can be just the ingredients + steps, or ingredients + steps + a little burb about where the recipe comes from.

Submit a recipe by emailing Staff Librarian Jamie at
Find the cookbook on our shared folder.

Chaotic Good Dog Treats by Ann C.

There’s no stress, just love in these tasty treats for your canine companions! Join Youth Services Librarian Ann C. for some pointers on how to make simple dog treats your furry friend is going to love.

Watch the video on YouTube.

Songs for Tough Times by You, and us, and everyone else

When I find myself in times of trouble, my local librarian comes to me, speaking words of wisdom, “listen to Spotify.”

This playlist is made up of songs to listen to when you’re feeling down. Some were picked by the librarians, and some were picked by you. Keep sending us song suggestions so the music never stops!

Submit songs by emailing
Listen to the playlist on Spotify.

DIY Shower Bombs and Bath Fizzies by Emily M.

Upgrade your bathtime with these homemade bath bombs and shower fuzzies! Emily M. walks you through the steps of making your own and gives you some helpful tips in this quick 6-minute video.

Watch the video on YouTube.

Self-Care BINGO by Lee K.

Lee K shared a great BINGO sheet she’s using to keep track of her weekly goals. Fill up the blank spaces with little things, like “eat breakfast” or “exercise with a yoga video from Amazon for 20 minutes”. If you get a bingo, let us know! We’re cheering for you from online!

Download the printable PDF at this link.

DIY Face Mask with Emily C.

Emily C rambles on in this video about how to do your very own face mask (the spa kind) at home!

Watch the video on Youtube.

No Churn Ice Cream with Ann C.

Let Ann C take you through the steps of making ice cream at home! This recipe is librarian tested and kid approved!

Watch the video on Youtube.

Soft Pretzels with Ann C.

Did we hear someone say snack time? Join Ann C for a video on how to make your very own soft pretzels at home.

Watch the video on Youtube.

More coming soon!