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2014 Knit Lit Literary Challenge

Members of the Library’s Knit Lit group were challenged to write a haiku with knitting as its theme. We share them with you here:

Knit-wise, have wisdom
Seek out pattern and purpose
Follow one true thread.
– Sandy Sheppard

Verigated yarn
slides right over my needles
and surprises me.
– Beverly Carmichael

Yarn slipping through my
fingers and needles gently
clicking with my heart.
– Beverly Carmichael

With needle and yarn,
such simple joys you create.
A sweater to make.
– Jean Ann McLaughlin

Knitting, crocheting
items to wear or display.
Needle magic make.
– Jean Ann McLaughlin

Followed the pattern 
purl by knit but still won't fit.
Guess I’m a “Knit-Wit”.
– Betty Philbrick

Yarn, needles, directions
Dropped stitches, hole, oh my!
Persistency- socks.
– Louise Cosmer

Can-do, get it done,
Knit that hat.
– Shirley Banford

Almost done,
I should plan ahead,
Yarn ran out.
– Shirley Banford 

Fussy me,
Sweater not perfect,
Rip it out.
– Shirley Banford

Stash too big,
Knit it all up now,
Don’t buy more.
– Shirley Banford

Love to knit,
No time for cooking,
Husband sad.
– Shirley Banford

Teach them how,
Children love to knit.
Smart Alecs.
– Shirley Banford

The kitten got caught.
Does he still look innocent,
Tangled in my yarn?
– Shirley Banford

The pattern looks good.
I can do this in my sleep.
Where did I go wrong?
– Shirley Banford

My dolly is cold.
She sits and stares at me so.
Knit her a sweater.
– Shirley Banford