2020 Knit Lit Literary Challenge

For the 2020 Knit Lit Literary Challenge, members of the Library’s Knit Lit group were challenged to write an acrostic poem where the initial letter of each line vertically forms a word. Click the title of each poem to expand it and read!

First Place

MISTAKES by Gloria Dossena

My eyes are crossing because
It has happened once more
Slip stitches are slipping off my needles again
Taking them off now – one by one – is
A tedious task but must be done
Knitting is fun and helps to relax you
Except when mistakes
Sneak up and distract you!

Second Place

BRIOCHE by Susan Bartels

Bouncy, soft and squishy
Reversible when worked in two colors
Increase & decrease; brk & brp; yarn
Overs; light side & dark side; light
Color & dark color
How many new techniques must I learn?
Enough to create this eye-catching knitted fabric

Third place

YARNS by Connie Harada

Yards and yards of colors bright
All stitches perfect, not too tight
Rush to finish, make it right
Never stopping for a bite
Sweater’s done, what a delight

Honorable Mentions



Every time we knit
The concentration
Ever so
Now to

CARLA BURKE by Donna Zmijewski

Cast on
Adjust gauge
Read pattern again
Love those cables
Attach the sleeves

Block finished piece
Usual colors- greys blues, greens
Ready to show and tell
Knit Lit friends
Extraordinary leader


Gauge your work
Approximate, should be exact
Repeat knit row on right side and wrong side
Tension should be regular
Each stitch together creates a whole project
Rolling edges don’t occur

Smooth its not, but ridges are its texture
The simplest pattern ever
Involves very little stress
To knit, knit, knit
Change color on right side only
Having a satisfying end piece

SWEATER by Maryjane Whitehead

Stitch by stitch
With warm wool
Every row of knit
And purl, knit and purl
Takes me ever closer to the
End of my task which
Results in a remarkably beautiful sweater

CABLES by Jane Pedersen

Created 100’s of years ago in a land across the sea,
Artistic people came together, spun wool into yarn and knit
Beautiful afghans, sweaters, hats, mittens, all
Lovingly knit by young and old, men women and children.  It was
Entertaining, a way to socially connect, and it was most of the time

Knitting is like poetry.  It is unique to the individual who creates it.  Some people can do it, some people can’t.

KNITTING by Sandy Sheppard

Knots are never tied;
Nimble fingers;
Intense focus;
Traditional methods create legacy of handworks;
Tight, even stiches;
Incomplete projects endure;
Never-ending mindfulness;
Gauge(swatch, you must!)