2022 Knit Lit Literary Challenge

For the 2022 Knit Lit Literary Challenge, members of the Library’s Knit Lit group were challenged to write a poem in two voices. Click the author of each poem to expand it and read!

First Place

The Other Voice by Paula Nickerson Plock

Voice 1: I’m sick and tired of this cowl, this stocking, this sweater.
I’ll go to the yarn shop and find something better!

Voice 2: Don’t do it! Don’t do it! These are scarves, mitts, and hats!
Say good-bye to the voice and the wish, and, be done with that!

Voice 1: I’ll finish the sewing-together, the knit and the purl,
Along with the hat for that sweet little girl.

Voice 2: Good for you, I’m so proud you’re using your stash,
That’s the right thing to do and will save you some cash!

Voice 1: But really, I want something different and new,
A clever pattern and project with a bluish-green hue.

Voice 2: Go to the closet and pull out the bins.
You’ll find treasures and fleece from your previous sins.

Voice 1: A snowstorm of colors, different weights of the yarns,
My fingers delight in these wonderful charms.

Voice 2: You love these old yarns and the colors and feel,
But… wouldn’t something new and exciting have heart-warming appeal?

Voices 1 and 2: We’ll go get our coats, and our hats, and the keys,
It will make us so happy and feeling so pleased!
A beautiful pattern that makes us content
We’ll be as happy as clams in the ocean,… and so glad that we went.

Second Place

The Project by Donna Zmijewski

Voices 1 & 2: I’m starting a new project. I’m going to create something beautiful and unique.

Voice 1: I need new yarn, off to the yarn store

Voice 2: I found this perfect yarn in my stash

Voices 1 & 2: I’m going to create something beautiful and unique

Voice 1: Look at this ball of Noro- green, blue, purple and pink all in one skein- I’m so excited

Voice 2: This soft pale green yarn is so soothing

Voices 1 & 2: I’m going to create something beautiful and unique

Voice 1: This pattern has so many cables. I really have to concentrate

Voice 2: I know this pattern by heart- a real no brainer

Voices 1 & 2: I’m creating something beautiful and unique

Voices 1 and 2: I’m working on my project every moment I can

Voice 1: Last row- almost done

Voice 2: Binding off now

Voice 1: A poncho for me

Voice 2: An afghan for my first grandchild

Voices 1 & 2: I created something beautiful and unique

Third place

A Beginner by Carol Ruggiero

Voice 1: I’m learning to crochet, but struggling a bit…wanting to make a blanket for the baby who will make me a Nana!

Voice 2: A fellow swim pal says, “Come to Knit Lit – there’ll be someone who can help.”

Voices 1 & 2: Knitters support each other and share their passion.

Voice 1 I arrived at Brooks Library and was warmly welcomed.

Voice 2: We can answer your questions and assist when you get stuck.

Voices 1 & 2: Knitters support each other and share their passion.

Voice 1: Often confused and overwhelmed, especially seeing others’ projects, I’m awed by their talent.

Voice 2: “You’re doing fine, what beautiful colors!”, always encouraging me.

Voices 1 & 2: Knitters support each other and share their passion.
Voice 1: Thinking my blanket was finished, I brought it to a meeting.

Voice 2: “Are you okay?” via a phone call check up on me,
offering to mail yarn and/or needles.

Voices 1 &2: Knitters support each other and share their passion.

Voice 1: I didn’t participate on Zoom as I’m too much of a beginner, but returned to in-person outdoor meetings in 2021.

Voice 2: First meeting was mostly verbal sharing- lots of catching up,
folks happy to be back together.

Voices 1 & 2: Knitters support each other and share their passion.

Voice 1: Another grand-baby on the way; this time I’d like to try knitting a blanket.

Voice 2: Someone kindly offers to teach me, setting aside her
project to spend a meeting demonstrating and practicing.

Voices 1 & 2: Knitters support each other and share their passion.

Voice 1: I’m just thrilled to be continuing this journey…

Voice 2: Additional confidence, encouragement, and teaching always happening.

Voices 1 & 2: Knitters support each other and share their passion.

Honorable Mentions

Susan Bartels

Voice 1: I love knitting! Knitting is so relaxing.

Voice 2: I hate knitting! Knitting is so frustrating.

Voices 1 & 2: We gotta love to hate knitting!

Voice 1: Lace, brioche, cables and mosaic – it’s so much fun!

Voice 2: Knit, purl, frog and tink – is gardening my calling?

Voices 1 & 2: We gotta hate to love knitting!

Thread by Thread by Shirley Banford & Beverly Carmichael

Voice 1: Thread by thread, I see my grandmother’s hands.
The colors of the day, orange, brown, and gold.

Voice 2: I think I remember carefree days in the spring.
You would bring me flowers; the stems were too short.
And she would smile.

Voice 1: She had an unrealistic need to be constantly productive.
Voice 1 Even after she fell down the stairs and broke her wrist.

Voice 2: Who lost this beautiful button that I have just found?
I will never be able to match its sparkle.
I guess I must buy new buttons for my shawl.

Voice 1: Her wrist was swollen and stiff and yet she worked on.
She must finish this afghan for Michael’s wedding.

Voice 2: I baked a pie today.
I placed it on my windowsill and the neighborhood dogs came running.
Much to my dismay.

Voice 1: You let me play with your yarn.
As a child I was so thrilled to hold and touch its softness.

Voice 2: I think I’ve burned the potatoes again.
I’ve grown to love them as I do this often.
Your mom never notices.

Voice 1: I picture you helping the littles with their mittens.
And doing this with your swollen wrist. Such gentle care you took.

Voice 2: Oh yes, so many colorful mittens.
I make them quite quickly you know.
I sit on my sunny porch and my yarn is wonderful company.

Voice 1: Have you been doing any needlepoint lately?
Christmas is coming and everyone covets your beautiful pictures.

Voice 2: No, I’m just doing this.
There’s so many of you now.
And your mom bought me so much yarn to use up.

Voice 1: You never need to ask yourself, “What am I not passing down?”
We’ve all witnessed your quick offer to teach us so many old skills.
Voice 2: We used to live on a farm you know.
I had a wringer washer and even now I can smell the freshness of my sheets.
Times were slower then.

Voice 1: You were fortunate to have learned a lot from the Depression.
You could make or grow almost all of your family’s needs.

Voice 2: I used to unravel sweaters and use the yarn to make rugs.
Use it up, wear it out,
Make it do or do without.

Voice 1: And I will always picture you snapping beans at my farm in Greene.
Or sitting under a tree feeding my chickens. You were happy there.

Voice 2: Yes. You had a garden when you were just eight.
I can see you chopping away at the dirt.
Pulling up carrots, brushing off the dirt and eating them.

Voice 1: You seem tired Grandma, close your eyes and rest.

Voices 1 & 2: Oh how lucky we were to have such a gentle loving grandma. After she passed, Michael
got married and unwrapped Grandma’s last afghan. He cried and left the room.
Grandma, “When you see Jesus, just show him your hands.”

Rosanne Geylin

Voice 1: The sky is blue,
The grass is green.

Voice 2: I love to sit,
And knit and dream.

Voice 1: I need to get outside
To pull some weeds!

Voice 2: It’s way more fun and less of a bother,
To cast on 350 stitches than sow some seeds!

Voice 1: Let’s compromise and help each other!
I’ll dig some holes and plant dozens of flowers.

Voice 2: Okay, I will wind 4 skeins of fingering yarn,
Knit a colorful shawl and showcase my powers!

Connie Harada

Voice 1: Going to the yarn shop

Voice 2: Buying skein and ball

Voices 1 & 2: Knit and purl ‘til blanket fits the bed

Voice 1: Wearing hat and mittens

Voice 2: When snowflakes fill the sky

Voices 1 & 2: And woolen scarf to wrap around my head

Sherry O’Brian

Voice 1: Blanket, sweater, scarf, oh my !!!

Voice 2: Oh what to do ????

Voices 1 & 2: Coffee and knitting keep our fingers busy.

One Mother’s Knitting by KD Ryan

Voice One:

First, catching candy
Next, marching with brass instruments
Now, under the Marine flag

Voice Two:

A focus on knitting
Distracts from a mother’s worries
Now, pride overshadows all

Voices 1 & 2:

Always Faithful – Semper Fi

LES FEMMES by Mary Walsh

Voice 1: Les femmes de

Voice 2: Knit lit

Voice 1: nous rencontrons à la bibliothèque

Voice 2: Brooks Free Library en Harwich

Voice 1: notre dirigeante, Carla

Voice 2: has a certain, je ne sais pas,

Voice 1: joie de vivre et espièglerie et énergie

Voice 2: and, of course,

Voices 1 & 2: Elle, comme nous toutes loves all things knitting

Voice 1: Toutes les femmes du cercle du tricot love le fil

Voice 1: les couleurs

Voice 2: the patterns

Voice 1: les textures

Voice 2: and travailler le fil to create produits tricotés à la main

Voices 1 & 2: scarves, shrugs, socks, snoods and even les chaussettes de Noel for friends and family and the needy

Voice 1 & 2: Quel fantastique!

English translation:

The Women

Voice 1: The women of

Voice 2: Knit Lit

Voice 1: We meet at the library

Voice 2: The Brooks Free Library in Harwich

Voice 1: Our leader, Carla,

Voice 2: Has a certain, I don’t know,

Voice 1: Joie de vivre, playfulness and energy

Voice 2: And, of course,

Voices 1 & 2: She, as we all, loves all things knitting

Voice 1: All the women of the knitting circle love the yarn

Voice 1: The colors

Voice 2: The patterns

Voice 1: The textures

Voice 2: And work the yarn to create hand knit products

Voices 1 & 2: Scarves, shrugs, socks, snoods and even Christmas stockings for family, friends and those in need

Voice 1 & 2: How wonderful