We have More Than Just Books!


This is a perfect time to browse and borrow items from our Library of Things (LOT) to keep yourself busy during the long fall and winter months. This collection broadens the boundaries of traditionally defined library materials. It is supportive of a “sharing economy”, sustainability, and helping to create less waste. It also offers the opportunity for our patrons to save money, “try before you buy” and to experiment with something that you may not have had access to before.

There are five categories of items to borrow. Cookware & Bakeware, Adapted Games for the Visually Impaired, Crafts, an Outdoor Collection, and Electronics in addition to a Youth Library of Things. They circulate for 1 week, cannot be put on hold and cannot be renewed. They also need to be picked up and returned inside at Brooks Free Library.

Visit the Library of Things page here or come browse the collection at the library located on the display at the top of the stairs near the Circulation Desk to see all of the items we have available.