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Museum Passes

Many of our museum passes are offered thanks to the generosity of the Friends of the Brooks Free Library, while others are provided by the museums themselves. Each of our passes offer free or reduced admission but specifications vary from museum to museum. To learn more, click the “Reserve Museum Passes” button below.  You can reserve passes online or by calling us at 508.430.7562, ext. 1, or in person at the Circulation Desk.

Please contact the museum or check their website for current hours and admission fees. To see a full list of passes offered by Brooks Free Library, visit the Our Passes page.

Indicates printable pass

Many of our passes are now printable! You can print passes from home or come to the library and we will print them for you. Look for the printable pass icon next to the museum name.

Most other passes are coupon passes which are collected at the museum and do not need to be returned. The one exception is our Mass State Parks pass which is a laminated parking permit. This pass must be picked up the day before the pass is to be used and then returned directly to us (in person during open hours or using our Book Drop) prior to the time we open on the day following your museum visit. This pass cannot be returned to another CLAMS library.

Museum Pass Program Guidelines:

  • Library users can book passes up to 60 days in advance
  • Users are limited to 5 passes per month and 2 per day
  • Users with $25 or more in fines or have had 2 “no shows” in the last 90 days are blocked from reserving passes
  • There are no age or residency restrictions for reserving passes

This video will show you how to reserve museum passes online!

We invite you to send us a picture of your family enjoying your outing using our passes, so we can include them on the Friends’ Bulletin Board in our lobby! Drop off your photos at our circulation desk, or email them to